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also oo·mi·ak  (o͞o′mē-ăk′)
A large open boat used by Yupik and Inuit people, made of skins stretched on a wooden frame, usually propelled by paddles.

[Inuit umiaq.]
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(ˈuːmɪˌæk) or


(Nautical Terms) a large open boat made of stretched skins, used by Inuit. Compare kayak
[C18: from Greenland Inuktitut: boat for the use of women]
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(ˈu miˌæk)

an open wooden boat covered with skins, used esp. by Eskimos to transport goods and passengers.
[1760–70; < Inuit umiaq women's boat]
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UMIAQ Environmental services include natural resource management, permitting, regulatory compliance support, stakeholder relations, spill response planning, and contaminated site clean-up.
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Assistance with planning and fieldwork was provided by the employees of UMIAQ, a subsidiary of the Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation based in Barrow, AK, including John Quincy Adams, William Aguvluk, Jonas Ahsoak, Pricilla Ahsoak, Payuq Ahsogeak, Richard Bodfish, Jens Hopson, Riley Kaleak Jr., Gilbert Kanayurak, Victor Koonaloak, Jr., Nayuk Leavitt, William Jens Leavitt, Philip Low, Vincent Nageak, Charles Rexford, and Lawrence Sage.
An acrostic of seven key words (inuksuk, nanuq, umiaq, kamik, siku, umimmat, kunik) introduces readers to aspects of Inuit culture, language and traditions.
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The financial support paid to Arctic Umiaq Line, paid by the Greenlandic home rule, should be transferred to Gronlandsfly and other airlines to ensure cheaper air fares, according to Per Rosing-Petersen, a member of the traffic committee in the Greenlandic Assembly.
All animal and plant names are listed in The Chambers Dictionary, 11th ed., 2008, except 'umiaq', which is in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, 4th ed., 2006
This bird provides a link with the narrative of Petitot, who also draws stuffed or preserved birds, apparently eagles, adorning the inside of an Inuvialuit house (Petitot, 1999:30) and an umiaq (Savoie, 1970: Fig.
Unfortunately, OOMIAC, OOMIACK, OOMIAK, UMIAC, UMIACK, UMIAK, and UMIAQ all exist in our dictionary, so the user will have to know which one!