una voce

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u·na vo·ce

 (yo͞o′nə vō′sē, o͞o′nə vō′kā)
With one voice; unanimously.

[Latin ūnā vōce : ūnā, feminine ablative of ūnus, one + vōce, ablative of vōx, voice.]
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The poor man, who bore on his face many more visible marks of the indignation of his wife, stood in silent astonishment at this accusation; which the reader will, I believe, bear witness for him, had greatly exceeded the truth; for indeed he had not struck her once; and this silence being interpreted to be a confession of the charge by the whole court, they all began at once, una voce , to rebuke and revile him, repeating often, that none but a coward ever struck a woman.
As a "mezzo Rosina," Hill's opening camtina, "Una voce poca fa," immediately displayed her rich palette of tonal colours, including a shimmering upper register and warmly burnished tones in her lower range.
K introduces opera to the class with Maria Callas's "Una voce poco fa," most of the kids hate it, but Charlie has a different experience.
Their efforts prompted local opera society, Una Voce, to hold an event at the school in October, from which they donated the proceeds from their raffle.
Perniola - secondo Vattimo - ha rappresentato "una voce estremamente significativa e suggestiva della filosofia italiana degli ultimi decenni, forse il solo intellettuale italiano capace di misurarsi con le tematiche filosofiche e socio culturali sviluppate negli stessi anni nella cultura francese, a cui e stato sempre prevalentemente legato".
Questa biografia ha il pregio di essere pensata, almeno in origine, come una voce da enciclopedia, ma poi risultata troppo voluminosa per essere raccolta in un'enciclopedia.
The book was first published as Echi di una voce perduta.
D'improvviso si levo come un fulmine una voce proveniente da un gruppetto poco distante formato da democristiani: "esibizionista".
Diana and Nicolas have chosen a diverse selection of arias, with pieces that include world favourites such as Juliet's "Je veux vivre!" (I want to live!) from Romeo and Juliet and "Una voce poca fa" (A voice a little while ago) from Rossini's The Barber of Seville.
For it is evident that in addition to knowing certain things (facts or true propositions), human beings know how to do certain things--throw a curveball, tie a Windsor knot, speak French, paddle a canoe, sing 'Una voce poco fa.' In Tacit Knowledge, Neil Gascoigne and Tim Thornton's dense and carefully argued book, this second kind of knowledge is put under the philosophical microscope and given a long, hard look.
"The traditional Mass is a true gem of the church's heritage, and the Holy Father has taken the most important step toward making it available to many more of the faithful," said Michael Dunnigan, chairman of Una Voce America, which pushed for the use of the older rite.