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1. Having no diacritical mark. Used of a word, syllable, or letter.
2. Having weak stress or no stress, as in pronunciation or metrical rhythm.


(ˌʌnækˈsɛntɪd) or


(Phonetics & Phonology) phonetics not accented or stressed


(ʌnˈæk sɛn tɪd, ˌʌn ækˈsɛn-)

not accented; unstressed.
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Adj.1.unaccented - used of syllables; "an atonic syllable carries no stress"
2.unaccented - (used of vowels or syllables) pronounced with little or no stress; "a syllable that ends in a short vowel is a light syllable"; "a weak stress on the second syllable"
unstressed - not bearing a stress or accent; "short vowels are unstressed"


[ˈʌnækˈsentɪd] ADJinacentuado, átono
References in classic literature ?
But there might also be as many unaccented syllables as the poet liked.
And the unworried, unaccented voice of her father went on tormenting her.
He even speaks in fluent, unaccented Tagalog to bring home the point.
Last week, President Trump announced he was making no effort to deport "Dreamers," the term for youngsters brought to the US illegally by their parents and who grow up as unaccented Americans.
diphthongs perhaps reduced only in unaccented syllables (p.
open syllable) In North America/ [e], elsewhere Britain: [e] usually [e] in 'efi, 'esfi, 'ex', 'er' i [i] tends to [i] in unaccented [j] syllables o [c] [o], accented, and/ or open syllable (suo) [c], elsewhere u [u] [u], when open in German (ie.
In philology the rhythm is analyzed through poetry which is organized as a symmetrical and regular succession of accented and unaccented syllables of a verse.
This reviewer reads the four-line stanzas as consisting two lines of six-beat lines followed by two lines of three-beat lines, without a regular pattern to unaccented and accented syllables.
These included a common long vowel (/o/ in rope), a diphthong (/ow/ in shower), and an unaccented final syllable (/er/ in shower).
Ponderal rhythm results from the combination of accented and unaccented units.
For the version reprinted with the novel, a few minor emendations have been made: "cafes" are now "cafes," the "Plaza de la Constitucion" is now the "Plaza de la Constitucion" (they are unaccented in BL), and the line breaks between sections in White's versions are no longer included.
Just as sixteenth notes must be played more rapidly than eighths, so the two unaccented syllables of the anapest must be read more rapidly than would be a single unaccented syllable" (927).