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Adj.1.Unaccessible - capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at allunaccessible - capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all
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Worktops and cupboards were also noted as being in a dusty state and unaccessible areas of the floor were covered by heavy dust and grit.
The beach will remain unaccessible till we get instructions from authorities," said a guard.
Using jeeps meant we could explore areas unaccessible to normal vehicles.
Description Total Total articles submitted to 88 Methodi Ordinatio Articles with best 50 InOrdinatio results Items discarded due to low 26 InOrdinatio results (zero values for impact factor and citations in the literature, predominantly) Articles unaccessible to 12 researchers Chart 4.
Built by a British army officer Sir Mark Cubbon between 1840-42, when he was the Commissioner of then Mysore territories, Raj Bhavan has largely remained unaccessible to the public so far.
The backing of EIC further allows them to consider more expensive aircraft that were previously unaccessible to Wasaya, such as the ATR-42 twin turboprop aircraft.
The remaining and/or unaccessible tissues are further destroyed chemically by phenol application while the sinus cavity is sterilized.
In this period, most of the schemes (before or around 2004) assumed the smart cards are tamper resistant; that is, the parameters in the smart cards are unaccessible to adversaries.
Zaba was fun as hell, if a little bit introspective and at times, unaccessible. On How To Be A Human, they've created a collage of real life stories collected on the road, on a record brimming with ideas from start to finish.
The committee also recommended to ask the company appointed for reverse osmosis for provision of water in Thar as it was supposed to install 700 plants for water purification but installed only 432 among which few are faulty and out of order while few other are unaccessible for the natives to reach.
Is machinery properly guarded, are belts and drives covered, are stopping or starting switches unsafe or unaccessible? Are empty skids properly stored?