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Adj.1.Unaccessible - capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at allunaccessible - capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all
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The backing of EIC further allows them to consider more expensive aircraft that were previously unaccessible to Wasaya, such as the ATR-42 twin turboprop aircraft.
As a result, GENIOSIL XM opens up applications in the adhesives and sealants sector that had previously been unaccessible to silane-crosslinking polymers.
The remaining and/or unaccessible tissues are further destroyed chemically by phenol application while the sinus cavity is sterilized.
Zaba was fun as hell, if a little bit introspective and at times, unaccessible.
The committee also recommended to ask the company appointed for reverse osmosis for provision of water in Thar as it was supposed to install 700 plants for water purification but installed only 432 among which few are faulty and out of order while few other are unaccessible for the natives to reach.
Tariff Committee's special membership and consequent independent character and function had caused confusion and even the suspicion that the Tariff Committee would be an exclusive club unaccessible to countries with no basis to carry out the undertakings contained in Article 17 [the obligation to carry out tariff negotiations, N.
Large parts of York became unaccessible after the River Foss and River Ouse burst their banks on Boxing Day.
This means that dentists can be unaccessible for patients, especially those who can't afford to travel further afield.
The boats will be used to rescue and transport those who have been stranded in unaccessible & flooded areas.
sup][14],[15] One reason is the unbalanced development of the medical conditions; for instance echocardiography remains unavailable and unaccessible in many central and western regions of China, especially in remote mountainous areas, and therefore ASD cannot be detected at an early age in many patients.
Find4Me[TM] is changing the way that people buy hard to find items online, our service taps into offline inventory that is unaccessible to internet search engines.
Natuman said while initial assessors had been able to enter the eastern and western parts of the island chain, northern and southern areas were still largely unaccessible.