1. Not explained, understood, or taken into account.
2. Missing or absent without explanation, as from a roll call or after a military operation.
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There is no provision under the Constitution for the Office of the President, or State House, to run a secret and unaccounted-for fund.
Imran Khan is scheduled to lead a protest on November 2 that aims to paralyse the federal capital in one of party s pressure tactics to hold the premier accountable for his alleged unaccounted-for wealth.
The prefect of Barletta, Clara Minerva, said relatives reported another four people unaccounted-for and suggested that their remains could have been scattered within the wreckage, particularly in the area of highest impact.
Town Manager Jacquelyn Kelly said the infrastructure charge allows the Water and Sewer Division to make capital improvements to the water system; establish an emergency reserve fund; and take steps to reduce unaccounted-for water.
Phase 2, from years four to eight, will include maintenance leakage control and sustaining unaccounted-for water levels.
Bobeva, who is in charge of economy and investments, has told Nova TV that unaccounted-for expenditures would be minimized so that the economy could be balanced.
Among the many questions: Why did the department wait until the start of the investigations to make the public aware of the unaccounted-for evidence and of the pervasive problems in the property unit, problems that have prompted a major reorganization, including the addition of seven employees and a sergeant?
The mission will "conduct global search, recovery, and laboratory operations to identify more than 83,000 unaccounted-for Americans from past conflicts," the statement said.
When the band's manager launched an investigation into Goodrich's management over cash flow issues, investigators found suspicious wire transfers, unaccounted-for payments to band members and the crew, and $134,000 in company credit card expenses for things like iTunes and Amazon.
114m under a Consent Order and Agreement (COA) with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to reduce water loss and unaccounted-for water.
Japan has started backstage talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency on the discovery of unaccounted-for or unreported enriched uranium and plutonium in large quantities of nuclear waste disposed of by Japanese facilities, hoping to ward off international criticism with an early report to the IAEA, senior government officials said Wednesday.
Japan, IAEA discussing large amount of unaccounted-for nuke materials