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1. Not common or usual: "The legislature has produced a new budget of unaccustomed austerity" (People).
2. Not being habituated. Used with to: is still unaccustomed to a life of stress.

un′ac·cus′tomed·ly adv.
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in an unaccustomed manner
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Each title--A Minute of Terrible Torpor, I Become Unaccustomedly Quiet and Then Noisy Again, Coughing and Throat Clearing-- succinctly evokes the preposterous expectations and bitter disappointments not only of art-world spectatorship but of life itself.
The Bears came from behind to gain their first Premier League win of the season at the Media Prima Arena seven days ago, with former French champion David Bellego claiming his first ever 15-point maximum in Britain, while number one Lasse Bjerre unaccustomedly scored just one point.
The cottage had details of several routes of varying lengths and nearby is the High Peak Trail which goes right across the national park and, for anyone unaccustomedly heavy, is mercifully flat.
Elisha, though, seems to John to be worthy of praise, and when he enters the Temple, John feels "unaccustomedly bold and lighthearted; the arrival of Elisha had caused his mood to change" (51).