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Noun1.unadaptability - the inability to change or be changed to fit changed circumstancesunadaptability - the inability to change or be changed to fit changed circumstances
inflexibility, rigidity, rigidness - the quality of being rigid and rigorously severe
inability, unfitness - lacking the power to perform
adaptability - the ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstances
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The baby's temperament was measured by each spouse's responses on four separate scales from Bates, Freeland, and Lounsbury (1979) tapping, respectively, fussiness (e.g., "How much does your baby cry and fuss in general?"), unpredictability (e.g., "How easy or difficult is it for you to predict when your baby will go to sleep and wake up?"), unadaptability (e.g., "How does your baby typically respond to a new person?"), and dullness (e.g., "How active is your baby in general?").
It positions anything--a trait, a body, a character, a person--between the twin dangers of unadaptability (an extreme rigidity that leaves it unfit for new circumstances) and self-dissolution (excessively rapid change).