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Adj.1.unadjustable - not adjustable
fixed - securely placed or fastened or set; "a fixed piece of wood"; "a fixed resistor"
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This workstation was analyzed under following parameters: Unadjustable height, unpadded edges, absence of leg space, uncomfortable chair, increased work hours, absence of job rotation, and inappropriate light at workstation.
Depending on the operation regime, variation of resistance force reaches up to 30% of nominal force at constant piston speed, while unadjustable cylinders of steppers gave practically stable resistance.
However, a limitation of the initial model was that the FluSurge only provided 3 options for the attack rate (15%, 25%, and 35%), 3 options for the duration (6, 8, and 12 weeks), and an unadjustable hospitalization risk (11).
In SLC, if you transfer with Delta you are usually on a low, unadjustable aisle chair with a padded seat.
Heating zones should be established across the face of the die, and a best practice is to have separate hearing zones on both the "front" or adjustable lip side, and the "back" unadjustable lip side.
They are "inconvenient," "unadjustable," "hard to draw from," "expensive" and worst of alt, "not tactical." All of which is so much horse puckey.
The text size is unadjustable. Also the home page has this irritating band of randomly merging and sliding images across the middle of the home page like demented Venetian blinds in a slow-motion breeze.
Since recycled fibers are lighter in weight and smaller in size, the unadjustable motor speed tends to blow off more recycled fibers than virgin fibers, leading to a slight reduction in panel density.
Front suspension is unadjustable 41mm units as opposed to up-side-down adjustable versions and two pot caliper brakes replace four pot Tokicos.
A cranky crew wasn't the only problem facing the start-up operation: A mandatory, unadjustable $10 per-person/per-day service charge also rankled many passengers.
Most of the quality adjustments were calculated for changes in the caller ID variable and brand-name changes, and most of the non-comparable substitutions had unadjustable quality changes, such as an expandable phone system capability and extra handsets included with the system.