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Adj.1.unaerated - (used of blood) not supplied with oxygen
physiology - the branch of the biological sciences dealing with the functioning of organisms
unventilated - not ventilated; "stuffy unventilated rooms"
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(SES) to perform a series of immersion tests to determine the corrosion rate of API 5L X65 8-inch pipe from unaerated, untreated, unfiltered seawater in order to duplicate the conditions found during a wet parked period of 90 days following offshore pipeline hydrotesting.
To create sealed (unaerated) condition, the CDG plates with inoculated mycelial discs of each Pleurotus species were covered with parafilm twice; while those devoid of any seals were incubated as unsealed (aerated).
Georgesson, USDA Special Agent in charge of Alaska Investigations, made note of the impact that unaerated and undrained soils can have on agriculture: