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Adj.1.unaffixed - not affixedunaffixed - not affixed; "the stamp came loose"
affixed - firmly attached; "the affixed labels"
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Next, the three parallel snack packs are carried roughly six inches forward on the vacuum belt line, with the next, unaffixed 1x3 trio of nutritional information cards following directly behind them, awaiting application.
Manggarai mantek 'jungle leech, Haemadipsa spp.') display unaffixed base forms with the same meaning, so that an independent root PAN *-matek 'jungle leech, Haemadipsa spp.' can be posited, which again provides additional supportive evidence for the reconstruction of its morphologically complex counterpart (Blust 2001:24).
The "splicing" of words into the represented speech of Fanon and that of his patients (and even the sound of Josie's typing) evokes the kind of unaffixed, ever-changing work of collage.