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Too expensive to afford: medical care that has become unaffordable for many.

un′af·ford′a·bil′i·ty n.
un′af·ford′a·bly adv.
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not affordable; overly expensive
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Lack of awareness and unaffordability are two factors which can be limiting epilator's growth in developing regions.
Many people in Hong Kong would likely agree that the city suffers from three major problems: the need for political reform, housing unaffordability, and an educational system unsuited to today's challenges.
In his discussion of the notorious Bengal Famine among others, Sen uses food as a case in point of how unaffordability can go beyond poverty.
"Housing unaffordability will hinder sales irrespective of the local job market conditions," Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the Realtors group, said in the report.
A study regarding barriers to colorectal cancer screening in Pakistan showed that although 75.1% acknowledged the importance of screening; only 14.9% of the participants were motivated to undergo screening.4 This was because of the lack of knowledge regarding screening procedures, facilities and unaffordability.4
With the increasing unaffordability of tickets, theatre has become a special annual event, rather than a monthly or weekly habit.
Where the value of bitcoins get automatically halved in value to prevent 'hyper valuation', to avoid currency unaffordability. This 'halving' even is scheduled on or before August 2020.
To counter the perception of unaffordability, Quimbo had to find a way to make wine affordable for the average Filipino.
1423, as the proposal is known unfairly targets Realtors without addressing any of the underlying problems driving housing unaffordability.
Most existing housing policies for the social and private sectors were built on patchy data taken from silo sources, causing distortion in supply and pricing for a property market marked by severe unaffordability, researcher Suraya Ismail said today.
"With its recommerce concept and efficacious business model, Yaantra has the potential to bridge the digital divide in India between people who have access to technology and those who don't due to unaffordability. At the same time, we are disrupting the generation of e-waste and help save the environment," said Jayant Jha, Co-founder & CEO, Yaantra.