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Noun1.unambiguity - clarity achieved by the avoidance of ambiguity
clarity, clearness, limpidity, lucidity, lucidness, pellucidity - free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression
equivocalness, ambiguity - unclearness by virtue of having more than one meaning
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For all these reasons, and notwithstanding a brief footnote reference to textual unambiguity in the course of explaining why it was giving the SEC no interpretive deference, (41) I prefer to take the Court's statement of its holding literally: we are being told what "make" means in the context of private securities litigation under Rule 10b-5, leaving open how it is to be construed in the context of public enforcement.
An unambiguity of R is obtained by removing all but one representations of each object, and letting the probability of the remaining representation be the sum of the probabilities of the original representations of the same object.
In order to check the unambiguity of the developed themes, an independent coder was given the final themes and their descriptions.
82) included 5 questions on explicitness, completeness, unambiguity, confusion, and redundancy of the provided instructions.
The Mail on Sunday is a right-wing paper, and I do not recall it has ever expressed support for the Palestinians with such unambiguity before.
To design symbols for point features, one may consider alternatives that achieve goals such as singularity and unambiguity, which may often conflict as a singular sign can be interpreted in different ways (MacEachren 1995: 321-325).
But concerning one profoundly important point, his book brings into focus the unambiguity of the matter:
Unambiguity (exclusion the free choice of usage of different ways and principles); 29.