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(ˌʌnəˈniːsθəˌtaɪzd) ,




not anaesthetized
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Anaesthesia enables the painless performance of medical procedures that would cause severe or intolerable pain to an unanaesthetised patient.
[6] Recently, the addition of intravenous magnesium sulphate to a pharmacological antishivering regimen increased the cooling rate in unanaesthetised volunteers.
[58 59] reported a new phenomenon then of evoked resistance shift (ERS) in conjunction with recordings of evoked potentials (EP) in the audio and visual cortex of anaesthetised and unanaesthetised cats.
The resulting aerosol was mixed with conditioned air (65% relative humidity, 22[degrees]C) in the spray tube and delivered to the nose of each animal via an exposure tube in which the unanaesthetised mice are held in restraint tubes.
If we allow ourselves to be beguiled by these cultural labels then it follows these same would-be cultural saviours will protest against West Midlands Police's attempts to smoke out the Africans in Birmingham practising female circumcision - this unanaesthetised mutilation is also a cultural custom.
But, interrogating the reclusive, softlyspoken Josh T Pearson about his collection of break-up songs - so intensely raw and intimate that he considered never releasing it in the first place - makes me feel like Laurence Olivier's Nazi dentist torturing Dustin Hoffman with a spot of unanaesthetised root canal in the movie Marathon Man.
And Ms Williams - who, friends say, would sooner have unanaesthetised root canal work than pose with Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan and Tory leader Nick Bourne again - was duly dispatched to the airwaves to perform the requisite PR work on behalf of the London coalition.
Such a presynaptic effect on [Ca.sup.2+] channels would plausibly explain the diminished synaptic transmission which Weakley found when modest doses of thiopentone or pentobarbitone were administered to spinalised and paralysed (but otherwise unanaesthetised) cats (22).
In most cases it was not possible to assess the presence and degree of injury in the unsedated or unanaesthetised patient accurately.
My mission impossile this morning, as you chomp your Sunday breakfast of Paracetamol on toast, is to convince you that a horse that has not won since January 1 last year and has been beaten three times out of three his season is worth a porting punt at prices hat will make your eyes water and have your local bookie begging for something less painful - such as unanaesthetised castration with a rusty old hacksaw.
By far the most vociferous critic of jockeys who commit this cardinal sin is a certain John McCririck, who thinks that unanaesthetised castration and garroting is too mild a punishment for this crime.