(ˌʌnəˈniːsθəˌtaɪzd) ,




not anaesthetized
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Considering the fact that the radiation durations were long and might place a more severe influence on the subjects and the radiation-delivered rates were so low that the effects of the variety were minor, unanaesthetized mice were placed in well-ventilated plastic boxes and exposed to the [sup.
Modified plethysmometer for measuring foot volume of unanaesthetized rats.
The normal electrocardiogram of the unanaesthetized competition 'Spanish Pouler' pigeon (Columba livia gutturosa).
Simple method for bleeding the unanaesthetized rat by tail venipuncture.
If a wholly unanaesthetized patient is asked to draw a flower, the result will be a fairly accurate, prosaic representation.
Clinically normal, unanaesthetized animals exhibit pressures of 160/100 mm Hg (systolic/diastolic).
Unanaesthetized animals were restrained in well-ventilated Perspex boxes and exposed whole-body to gamma radiation (with the source to surface distance (SSD) of 77.
Cabaret comic Hans Teeuwen plays Ramses, a young adherent to a religious sect given to unanaesthetized body piercing.
Enduring excruciating injections that leave him a pathetic and broken figure, Herzog submits to unanaesthetized amputations during the weekslong retreat from the mountain.
However, this was only true for unanaesthetized control subjects.
In the experiments numerous unanaesthetized mice were subjected to pain-producing manipulations.
The normal electrocardiogram of the unanaesthetized competition "Spanish Pouler" pigeon (Columba livia gutturosa).