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Adj.1.unanalyzed - not analyzed or broken down for detailed examination; "an unanalyzed compound"; "unanalyzed data"
analyzed - examined carefully and methodically; broken down for consideration of constituent parts; "the analyzed data indicated surprising trends"; "a carefully analyzed poem can be like a dead butterfly pinned to a board"
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And the use of bisphenol S continues to bemuse governments as its impact remain unanalyzed. Thermal Papers with 60-80 Microns Thickness Remain Preferred among End-users The study evaluates that demand for 60-80 micron thick thermal papers remains higher among end-users.
Zourabichvili's visit to Baku could not pass unnoticed and unanalyzed by Yerevan.
Nevertheless, an unanalyzed allegation from senior Iranian leadership has provided a serious setback to the sincerity of Government and the people of Pakistan.
Many ancient remains - that could hold crucial information regarding the origin and migration history of human populations - still remain unanalyzed or incorrectly analyzed due to these issues.
The instantiation problem is that the predicate "U is instantiated by x, y, etc, in that order" is ill suited to be a primitive, unanalyzed predicate.
However, while examining previously unrecorded and unanalyzed historical records, Miles discovered that the bones of Detroit are not only misunderstood by modern-day audiences but also misinterpreted in popular histories regarding America's slavery legacy.
2) Not giving up a single unit of butter but getting no unit of money, where 1) would be an unanalyzed version of Hoppean disjunctivealternative interpretation, which, given 100 hundred units of butter, would read as follows:
The results of the program remained unanalyzed for decades.
In accordance with current method, the results described in Table 1 for small sample sizes n = 20 and n = 50 indicate that, given the application in unanalyzed samples, increase in outlier percentage ([gamma]) reduced probability in favor of [H.sub.0].
In his view, robot journalists have the potential to entirely customize truckloads of data that might otherwise go unanalyzed. In fact, he paints a future where everyone may have their very own personal robot journalist, filling them in on information and stories as per their preferences.