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Impossible to answer or refute; incontrovertible: unanswerable accusations.

un·an′swer·a·bil′i·ty, un·an′swer·a·ble·ness n.
un·an′swer·a·bly adv.


the quality of not being answerable or contestable
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strategies of unanswerability, but rather the historical expression of
unanswerability of counterfactual questions, many problems in social
Orwell's "unanswerability" seems to miss the bull's eye of the Tolstoy criticism in emphasizing Shakespeare's immaturity and confusion as a thinker.
In his treatment of these issues, Hawthorne gestures towards the profound unanswerability of certain moral questions, and he thus "suspend[s] the reader on the verge of an epistemological abyss" (139).
Indeed, the apparent unanswerability of the question is a pretext for testing out a series of responses to it.
And yet the acknowledgment here that the phrase might be subject to widely divergent interpretations must appear almost fatal to Zola's political project, which depends for its rhetorical power on the supposed unanswerability of such concepts as he himself employs them.
While there is an acknowledgement, regarding the complexity and unanswerability of fundamental questions related to this essential quest for God and an awareness of Borges's oscillation between affirmation and denial (3), Flynn's main interest is to tease out any indications in support of her premise.