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Not appealing to the senses, as in appearance, taste, or aroma: a bland, unappealing dinner.

un′ap·peal′ing·ly adv.
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in an unappealing manner
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Adv.1.unappealingly - in an unappealing mannerunappealingly - in an unappealing manner; "the kitchen was unappealingly dirty"
appealingly - in an appealing manner; "the table was set appealingly"
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We thought a gingersnap crust would be a fitting match for the pumpkin filling; but while the flavor of the crust was great, we found that the crushed gingersnaps baked up unappealingly hard.
Similarly, the city surroundings are unappealingly old-fashioned - such as the floating 'NO EXIT' barriers marking the extent of your so-called freedom.
He cites odd examples of American disillusionment with the romance of France, such as an American complaining of uncouth draft dodgers at the American Center in Paris, or even the grim film Last Tango in Paris, which captured "a gradual shift in mood" about France, and "would haunt the city for decades to come." He's more convincing in his assessments of the legendary haute cuisine restaurants of New York, threatened by unappealingly spare nouvelle cuisine and by people seeking both more exotic and less caloric food.
Thus, the overt and authorially signposted mode of reading the criminal child is that "[his] crimes arise from lack of education." (44) But then, what to make of Defoe's inclusion of a completely unsympathetic and downright unappealingly criminal child like Captain Jack in his novel that no adult reader would ever be inclined to patronize?
Hence the rise of thin, grainy young whiskeys that taste unappealingly of cereal.
Among them is the Dawson family, who run the rather unappealingly named Bleak Bank Farm in the Dales, and are preparing for the most critical week of the year as they organise lambs for sale at auction WEDNESDAY The Week the Landlords Moved In BBC One, 9pm Young landlords Dan and Jamie acquired their first property when they were just 19, and at 25 they believe the key to building a buy-to-let empire is to outsource as much as possible.
Now, in thrall to the wild-eyed Brexiteers in her cabinet, May has set the controls for the heart of the 1980s, when the Tories were at their most unappealingly right-wing.
"Mom jeans" were, of course, ugly, wrongly high-waisted, unappealingly roomy-thighed, and unfashionably tapered.
I'm one of those people who find low-salt bread or porridge unappealingly bland.
Adams's introduction to the book seeks to distinguish his and Novak's position from what they see as an unappealingly radical individualism associated with, for instance, the work of Ayn Rand.
Unappealingly displayed on a rustic brown plate, the well hung redness of the venison almost blending in, I thought it looked drab and unappetising.