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Not appealing to the senses, as in appearance, taste, or aroma: a bland, unappealing dinner.

un′ap·peal′ing·ly adv.


in an unappealing manner
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Adv.1.unappealingly - in an unappealing mannerunappealingly - in an unappealing manner; "the kitchen was unappealingly dirty"
appealingly - in an appealing manner; "the table was set appealingly"
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The narrative lacks pace and purpose, most of the characters are limited to one scene of personal development, and a central romance between Channing Tatum and on-screen love interest Amber Heard remains unappealingly weak.
and as a result now have unappealingly high valuations.
In the chapters, he used discourses of food to reinforce the idea of Turkey as unappealingly strange and filthy.
Because the use of private annuities in the United States is quite limited (see Brown and others 2001), I assume annuitization of A, is unavailable or unappealingly costly.
Notions of what is tasteful and how a character should look, think, and feel not only make people unhappy with their own appearances, minds, and bodies when they fail to match an ideal, but persuade them to pretend things not as they are and follow fashions which--while they compliment some emotions--must be stretched unappealingly over others.
Unappealingly, rape as a violation of self-possession would not be able to take this position.
However, he needs to put a relatively moderate run in the Nunthorpe behind him and is likely to be an unappealingly short price for a horse who has lost his last 11 races.
26) Indeed, the decision to rename what had previously been unappealingly called "spider crab" as "queen crab" before eventually settling on "snow crab" reflected seafood marketers' efforts to make the species more appealing to American consumers.
Beyond all that, the original white plaster, long ago succumbing to damp, salty conditions, has shed its smooth white skin, peeling most unappealingly into strips and cracks.
The reason behind a second institution was that high economic growth of the 1960s had led to rising incomes and the resulting widespread homeownership made just one government sponsored mortgage institution, namely Fannie Mae, unappealingly, if not scarily, large.