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Not appetizing in appearance, aroma, or taste.

un·ap′pe·tiz′ing·ly adv.




in an unappetizing manner
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The darker, looser passages, such as those rendering Courson's ermine coat, are not exactly gratifying to look at: They are jarringly unfinished, and the paint is unappetizingly dark and inelegantly laid on.
The eminent food scientist Harold McGee said tangzhong is different from other starters (like autolyse, levain, biga and the unappetizingly named poolish) because it hydrates and gels the starches in the flour, giving the bread its characteristic fluff and spring.
Meals were pushed through a thin slot in the cell's steel door, unappetizingly dubbed the "chuckhole."
The psychology here is as arbitrary and silly as it often was back then, and between flashback and unmasking there's a sluggish giallo-like murder mystery unappetizingly spiked with jolts of grotesque sadism.