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 (ŭn′ə-prē′shə-tĭv, -shē-ā′tĭv)
Not feeling or exhibiting appreciation: an unappreciative audience.

un′ap·pre′cia·tive·ly adv.
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Adv.1.unappreciatively - in an ungrateful mannerunappreciatively - in an ungrateful manner    
appreciatively, gratefully - with appreciation; in a grateful manner; "he accepted my offer appreciatively"
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You're aware that there's something intriguing on display that will 'wow' many people, but you yourself end up unappreciatively ambling around, completely oblivious to what the fuss is about.
As Michael Sanders describes in The Poetry of Chartism, successive editors struggled with deluges of poetic submissions, complaining rather unappreciatively that "we [are] glutted with poetry, [with] almost a jackass load of what claims to be original poetry waiting for insertion ...
When I told the ship's Chief Cabin Steward that I couldn't use the cabin's lavatory, I was offered a large metal bowl into which the Steward suggested "you do your business." I unappreciatively declined his offer.