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1. Not suitable or appropriate.
2. Not likely or liable.

un·apt′ly adv.
un·apt′ness n.


1. (often foll by: for) not suitable or qualified; unfitted
2. mentally slow
3. (postpositive; may take an infinitive) not disposed or likely (to)
unˈaptly adv
unˈaptness n



1. not appropriate; unfit or unsuitable.
2. not prone, likely, or disposed.
3. deficient in aptitude or capacity; slow; dull.
un•apt′ly, adv.
un•apt′ness, n.
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adj (= inappropriate)unpassend, unangebracht
References in classic literature ?
``Bethink thee, man,'' said the Captain, ``thou speakest of a Jew of an Israelite, as unapt to restore gold, as the dry sand of his deserts to return the cup of water which the pilgrim spills upon them.''
Indeed, could our readers fancy a bull-dog come unto man's estate, and walking about in a hat and coat, they would have no unapt idea of the general style and effect of his physique.
In the absence of differentiation between phenomena and facts (Bleeker 1974a, 227, 234; comp.: Bianchi 1974, 221), researchers have considered epoche and reduction similarly, as a form of unprejudiced concentration (Bleeker 1974b, 198-199; comp.: Widengren 1974, 258, 270-271) (more precisely, restraining from truth statements, causal connections or additional unapt (non-religious) contexts), not as stages of preparation for pure consciousness.
Look upon these cheeks, And thou shall find the hot and rising blood Unapt for such a vow.
(2007) simulated scenarios of temperature increases of 1.0, 3.0, and 5.8 [degrees]C, associated to an increase in precipitation up to 15% for Brazil, and observed an increase in the unapt area for soybean cultivation in the State of Rio Grande do Sul as the temperature rises.
Caption: FIGURE 3: Zones of aptitude from air temperature to African Mahogany-- apt (18 [degrees]C [less than or equal to] T [less than or equal to] 35 [degrees]C), optimum (23,5 [degrees]C [less than or equal to] T [less than or equal to] 29,5 [degrees]C), little apt (18 [degrees]C [less than or equal to] T [less than or equal to] 23,5 [degrees]C; 29,5 [degrees]C [less than or equal to] T [less than or equal to] 35 [degrees]C) and unapt (18 [degrees]C > T > 35 [degrees]C).
and unapt for societies as large and complex as our own.
Over one arm, the lusty courser's rein; Under her other was the tender boy, Who blushed and pouted in a dull disdain With leaden appetite, unapt to toy.
"Eh?" As for the surname of his Republican rival Ted Cruz, "urceolate" is a possible (and not unapt) partial reversal word for it, but no worthwhile palindrome occurs to me.