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Adj.1.unargumentative - not given to or characterized by argumentunargumentative - not given to or characterized by argument
argumentative - given to or characterized by argument; "an argumentative discourse"; "argumentative to the point of being cantankerous"; "an intelligent but argumentative child"
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But you must do it in a very unaggressive and unargumentative way.
By contrast, Ginsburg, the senior member of the liberal bloc, reportedly has urged her fellow liberals on the court to speak with one calm, firm and unargumentative voice.
(Ford's relation to earlier suburban literature, particularly in his new The Lay of the Land, is like that of Proust's endless miniaturization to Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; descriptive elaboration to the final degree carries what remains of the moral weight of the narrative, in what is perhaps the culmination by exhaustion of this genre.) In this enervated contemporary phase, only a fearful unargumentative pose remains: the suburban male may still yearn for potency and manliness, but he does so with the full consciousness that the grooves he must walk have been so well worn that conjecture about alternative possibilities is not even funny.