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Norman of Torn sprang to the door, and, reckless of his unarmored condition, leaped to Sir Mortimer's back and spurred swiftly in the direction taken by the girl and her abductor.
For all the din of clashing blades and rattling armor, neither of the contestants had inflicted much damage, for the knight could neither force nor insinuate his point beyond the perfect guard of his unarmored foe, who, for his part, found difficulty in penetrating the other's armor.
"Ride, madam," cried Norman of Torn, "for fly I shall not, nor may I, alone, unarmored, and on foot hope more than to momentarily delay these three fellows, but in that time you should easily make your escape--their heavy burdened animals could never o'ertake your fleet palfrey."
The three knights were now fairly upon him, and with fine disregard for fair play charged with couched spears the unarmored man on foot.
In front of the central guest-chamber stood Du Guesclin and Sir Nigel, half-clad and unarmored, with the mad joy of battle gleaming in their eyes.
Its head was ridiculously small; its body was unarmored, but its great bulk gave it a most formidable appearance.
The generals "noted the over $140 million in equipment delivered to the Lebanese [Army] since June 2012 that includes aircraft, a naval vessel, armored and unarmored vehicles, guns, ammunition, equipment, and medical supplies," the U.S.
Conquest Vehicles Inc in a partnership with Indian-based leading automotive dealer Magus Cars Ltd launched the company's first unarmored SUV EVADE in India at a price of a[sup.1]85 million, making it the most expensive SUV available in the country.