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For he had tasted of the fruit of the tree of life, and, finding it bitter in his mouth, had stepped out of Eden for a time to seek distraction close to the unarmoured, beating heart of the world.
Also, the pirates CAN sink the ships with their weapons, as cargo ships are unarmoured.
Anthony Pritchard's son, Corporal Dewi Pritchard, 35, was killed in Basra on August 23, 2003 when his unarmoured civilian vehicle was ambushed by gunmen.
IN the recent Channel 4 Dispatches film about Afghanistan, British and local Afghan troops are shown fighting the Taliban while equipped with unarmoured Land Rovers and a fleet of pick up trucks.
In earlier wars, tanks and armoured vehicles would go into battle and win the ground before the unarmoured Land Rovers would be moved up to patrol the area.
The six ships will be able to rapidly move thousands of armoured and unarmoured vehicles to any world crisis spots.
Pauline Hickey asked Tony Blair why his wife gets a bulletproof car when her son had only an unarmoured 4x4.
Here we have a minister responsible for the department that sent men into battle with the following: rifles that jammed in sand radios so useless that troops regularly resorted to using their own mobiles tanks without friendly- fire prevention devices which resulted in them being shot to pieces by our gung-ho, so-called allies not enough body armour to go around not enough armoured vehicles, so soldiers died in unarmoured 4x4s temperate weather uniforms in the searing heat of an Iraqi summer As a result of this man's failings, soldiers havedied, and yet he continues to cling to office.
A priority vehicle "shopping list" was first drawn up in 2000 to enhance fleets of unarmoured 4x4 NissanARMY Patrols, vulnerable to gunfire and mines.