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Not assertive; reserved.

un′as·ser′tive·ly adv.
un′as·ser′tive·ness n.
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Noun1.unassertiveness - diffidence about self promotion
diffidence, self-distrust, self-doubt - lack of self-confidence
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Radiology residents scored low in psychoticism, suggesting that the cohort might have a tendency for reclusiveness, quietness, and unassertiveness. In contrast, psychoticism was noted to be high among orthopedic residents.
Obliging is cooperating with others with unassertiveness with low focus on self and high focus on others.
The results here support this characteristic of unassertiveness in the dependent style/disorder and in the fear of upsetting or losing the support of other people (e.g., by means of expressing negative feelings or refusing requests).
The unequal role of women and men in society results in differential gender socialization by which girls learns to use a "nonforceful style" because unassertiveness is a social norm of womanhood, given men's role in establishing norms.
Students' lack of eye contact, quiet demeanor, or unassertiveness may be misunderstood as them being "lazy" or "dumb" (Amaro et al., 2006; Donnelly et al., 2009a; Sanner et al., 2002; Taxis, 2006; Yoder, 1995).
Results of centuries of subsequent research indicate that the characteristics of the cancer-prone personality can now be confidently summarized as follows: unassertiveness, lack of personal drive, slow-paced demeanor, over-patience, avoidance of conflict, inability to deal with stress, and a tendency to suppress expression of emotion (Cooper & Faragher, 1991; Eysenck, 1989, 1991; Grossarth-Maticek, Eysenck, Pfeifer, Schmidt, & Koppel, 1997; Yousfi, Matthews, Amelang, & Schmidt-Rathjens, 2004).
Our data indicated low but positive correlations between the EDAS subscales and the Agoraphobia subscale of the SPAI (range: .67-.68), and between the EDAS subscales and clinically-relevant related constructs measures, such as interpersonal difficulties, inadaptation, unassertiveness and low self-esteem (range: .43-.66).
Throughout "The Anniad," Brooks presents Annie as someone of weak will who is humbly unassertive and because, as Claudia Tate suggests, "The Anniad" can be viewed as satirical, making Annie a mock-hero and not someone to be admired, the attributes of unassertiveness and low volition are undesirable for Brooks in the parameters of this narrative, and we can expect through qualitative progression to see further commentary on this topic throughout.
Contrary to some popular conceptions and dictionary definitions, humility does not imply low self-esteem, humiliation, or unassertiveness (e.g., Exline & Geyer, 2004; Tangney, 2000, 2009).
Many of them, said the scientists, "showed a characteristic steadiness and unassertiveness both at work and at home."
The official closing of the mission by the Security Council last Thursday was a reflection of this unassertiveness.
In addition, Jose's internalizing-type behavior included refusal to "stand up" for himself, timidity, and unassertiveness. He wandered, played with non-instructional items, watched other students, and frequently avoided academic tasks.