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Exhibiting no pretensions, boastfulness, or ostentation; modest.

un′as·sum′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.unassumingly - in an unassuming mannerunassumingly - in an unassuming manner; "she is unassumingly skeptical of her own work"
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[ˈʌnəˈsjuːmɪŋlɪ] ADVmodestamente
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"I wait," Ngurn prompted after a long pause, the long-handled tomahawk unassumingly ready in his hand.
Many new words start unassumingly as colloquialisms but gain such widespread use that they are officially adopted into the lexicon.
Unassumingly effective but still threatened Chelsea more with the ball than any attacker.
But one seems to put his faith in Zellner, calling her a "nibbler" - whiling away at the edges unassumingly until oneA realized that he hasA already lost what he'sA holding on to.
The unassumingly dominant politics being played out has never left anyone in doubt!
Tampa, FL, July 07, 2019 --(PR.com)-- The two-story, century old brick building sits unassumingly in Ybor City, with no outward signs of the lives being changed within.
Cardboard cutout evergreens where unassumingly shuffled onto a central platform, not always with professional precision, and the fourth wall was loosely maintained.
Slowly, unassumingly, Microsoft appears to be building the world's most developer-friendly company by giving them an ecosystem they actually want to use.
Paul described Sonny as "unassumingly confident" and shared how the teen loved his family.
LIFE-CHANGING DAYS OFTEN BEGIN UNASSUMINGLY It was a typical Monday morning more than four years ago that shook up the lives of Ross and Alexis Garrett.
As Dubai, the city of dreams, surges on, an army of delivery boys, waiters, waitresses, petrol attendants, beauticians, janitors, gardeners, car cleaners and more work unassumingly to give us a smooth, seamless experience.
Start looking at that lifeline called 'prayer' so boldly engraved on your ticket and use it unashamedly, unconditionally and unassumingly all the time.