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Impossible to attain: unattainable goals.

un′at·tain′a·bil′i·ty n.
un′at·tain′a·bly adv.
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For Eng, "Suspended between departure and arrival, Asian Americans remain permanently disenfranchised from home, relegated to a nostalgic sense of its loss or to an optative sense of its unattainability" (Eng, "Out Here" 31).
Nevertheless, Aurora's final self-reflective outlook prefigures the author's own in The American Scene, in that the girl becomes conscious of the unattainability of true liberty in the provisional setting of the pension--she calls it a "cage" (448)--which ultimately engenders stereotypical patterns of conduct and operates on a twin mechanism of exposure and confinement, being a well-lit but also limiting stage.
It's the unattainability of this hegemonic cause that brought Trump to the White House and it is what fuels his tenure every day.
What is more, the very title Cities of the Plain is biblical in origin, referring to "Sodom and Gomorrah" (Genesis 19:29), thus underscoring corruption and decadence in contrast to both the purity and unattainability of the Old West.
One explanation the authors offered for the opposite effect was that nonavailability or unattainability of a reward makes it more attractive, leading participants to ascribe it a higher value.
The main reason for unattainability is that the scalar GGT nulls at some points or intervals of the time axis.
For others, socialism's appeal lies precisely in its unattainability. In every age and nation, some people are in the market for creeds that promise a new dawn, making no concession to past tradition or to human frailty.
However, advancement of numerical sciences showcases the unattainability of precise measurement of continuous phenomena due to the recent conception of fuzziness.
As such, Little Debbie is also the thing that sustains the fantasy of whiteness through its very unattainability; while the "innocence" of "the virgin icon" hides its "sexual role," "Little Debbie...
In their struggle for sovereignty of interpretation, the opposition of different worlds suggests a fundamental unattainability of the world in its true form, offering only a glimpse at it by means of a prolonged aesthetic experience that derives from a fundamental unresolvability of conceptually medial or material differences.
The irregular folds contrasted starkly with the taut flawlessness of the photographs, yet the point was not to highlight once again the difference between the photographic image and physical object, nor to remind us of the ways in which they have long been intertwined; rather, VanDerBeek is saying something about the unattainability of perfection.