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1. the condition of not appealing to the senses or mind through beauty, form, character, etc
2. the condition of not arousing interest
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  1. Disgusting, like moving cheese, like hills of ants or of flies —Ralph Waldo Emerson
  2. (Furniture) emanating bad taste like a cold draft —Milan Kundera
  3. Lurid as a porcelain souvenier —Derek Walcott
  4. (It sounded) obscene, like a rarely glimpsed body part —Lorrie Moore
  5. Plain as cement sidewalks. Plain as bread crust —Jean Thompson
  6. Ugly and fat as a maggot —Miles Gibson
  7. Ugly and indesctructible as the aluminum beer can —Stephen Minot

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  8. Ugly as a hairless monkey —Margaret Mitchell
  9. Ugly as a hatful of assholes —Geoffrey Wolff
  10. Ugly as a mud fence —American colloquialism, attributed to Southeast

    Southerners often elaborated on this as follows: “Ugly as a mud fence daubed with tadpoles.”

  11. (He was like most new babies as) ugly as an artichoke —Anne Sexton
  12. Ugly as sin —Maria Edgeworth
  13. Ugly … like a great black spider —Rosamund Pilcher
  14. Unappealing as a meringue with hardly any crust —Anon
  15. As erotically stimulating as a mouthful of sardines —Ira Wood
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Noun1.Unattractiveness - an ugliness of appearance that is not appealing to viewersunattractiveness - an ugliness of appearance that is not appealing to viewers
ugliness - qualities of appearance that do not give pleasure to the senses
shapelessness - the quality of lacking an esthetically pleasing shape
attractiveness - sexual allure
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[ˈʌnəˈtræktɪvnɪs] Nfalta f de atractivo
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nUnschönheit f; (of woman)geringe Attraktivität; the unattractiveness of the offerdas unattraktive or nicht verlockende Angebot
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Investment unattractiveness of Armenia is another chronic problem which creates difficulties in the energy sphere.
The problem traces to the economy's unattractiveness to investments in industrial enterprises that would employ our engineers.
Pulling generally occurs when alone as opposed to social environments, and many studies have demonstrated that the vast majority of those sufering from trichotillomania report feelings of unattractiveness, humiliation, and low self-confdence (4).
For example, the gap between people with what society considers as 'good looks' and unattractiveness will increase and it can result in more bullying.
It said the duty will significantly hurt Vision 2030 aspirations due to the unattractiveness of cost of carrying out transactions in Kenya.
Students were asked to score the attractiveness / unattractiveness of each smile image separately, using a visual analog scale (VAS).
I challenge CUE and affected universities to find out the causes of this unattractiveness and to review their programmes to make them attractive to students and relevant to the needs of the labour market," she said.
Individuals with TMM commonly report low self-esteem (Soriano et al., 1996), irritability, depression, feelings of unattractiveness (Stemberger, Thomas, Mansueto, & Carter, 2000), feelings of sadness, anhedonia, worthlessness, hopelessness, difficulty concentrating (Wetternack et al., 2016), and shame (Winchel et al., 1992).
Vanhove and Gordon's (2014) findings provide important supplemental evidence that unattractiveness (e.g., overweight discrimination) does exist in employment settings, as the direction of the effect holds across both the experimental and correlational methodologies.
He lifted the moist hand and kissed the palm: he was bound by the pathos of her unattractiveness...