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1. the condition of not appealing to the senses or mind through beauty, form, character, etc
2. the condition of not arousing interest




  1. Disgusting, like moving cheese, like hills of ants or of flies —Ralph Waldo Emerson
  2. (Furniture) emanating bad taste like a cold draft —Milan Kundera
  3. Lurid as a porcelain souvenier —Derek Walcott
  4. (It sounded) obscene, like a rarely glimpsed body part —Lorrie Moore
  5. Plain as cement sidewalks. Plain as bread crust —Jean Thompson
  6. Ugly and fat as a maggot —Miles Gibson
  7. Ugly and indesctructible as the aluminum beer can —Stephen Minot

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  8. Ugly as a hairless monkey —Margaret Mitchell
  9. Ugly as a hatful of assholes —Geoffrey Wolff
  10. Ugly as a mud fence —American colloquialism, attributed to Southeast

    Southerners often elaborated on this as follows: “Ugly as a mud fence daubed with tadpoles.”

  11. (He was like most new babies as) ugly as an artichoke —Anne Sexton
  12. Ugly as sin —Maria Edgeworth
  13. Ugly … like a great black spider —Rosamund Pilcher
  14. Unappealing as a meringue with hardly any crust —Anon
  15. As erotically stimulating as a mouthful of sardines —Ira Wood
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Noun1.Unattractiveness - an ugliness of appearance that is not appealing to viewersunattractiveness - an ugliness of appearance that is not appealing to viewers
ugliness - qualities of appearance that do not give pleasure to the senses
shapelessness - the quality of lacking an esthetically pleasing shape
attractiveness - sexual allure


[ˈʌnəˈtræktɪvnɪs] Nfalta f de atractivo


nUnschönheit f; (of woman)geringe Attraktivität; the unattractiveness of the offerdas unattraktive or nicht verlockende Angebot
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1996), irritability, depression, feelings of unattractiveness (Stemberger, Thomas, Mansueto, & Carter, 2000), feelings of sadness, anhedonia, worthlessness, hopelessness, difficulty concentrating (Wetternack et al.
Vanhove and Gordon's (2014) findings provide important supplemental evidence that unattractiveness (e.
Midnight in Paris embodies Allen's unfathomable knowledge of modernist objects of art, points out uninformed or inexperienced positive reception as genuine love, provides a romantic narrative of artists who surpass their times (its commitment to the earlier period is not dispiriting), communicates the point that being a modernist creator is only a question of being yourself (its reserve on the topic of modernism's representational unattractiveness is bizarre), and creates a close causal link between the setting and artistic achievement.
Currently, the continued growth of the population, low incomes and the prohibitive costs of owning a home, scarcity of suitable land, and the general unattractiveness of engaging in the business of socialized housing have been among the major roadblocks that continue to hamper the capabilities of both the private and public sectors to address this socialized housing backlog.
Accessories patterns mainly convey a meaning of reflecting cultural content of a certain period in the history, which can't be simply understood as attractiveness or unattractiveness.
Possible drivers of the inequity include university advocacy for optimal care in its training hospitals, unattractiveness to doctors of regional hospitals in economically depressed towns away from Johannesburg, budgetary constraints in the provincial health service, poor co-ordination of hospital referral systems, and management weakness at lower levels of care.
The authors wrote: "Old age identity was associated with embarrassing physical decline and unattractiveness and that old age was associated with being unlovable as evidenced by The Beatles' When I'm Sixty-four.
This survey emphasised the unattractiveness of a career in burn care.
Austen challenges both the stigma and the notion that spinsterhood is inevitable for women with personal failings like unattractiveness or a prickly personality.
According to the University of Johannesburg 2014 Study, it summarised the problem thus: The causes of skills shortage were established to be: the closing down of artisan training schools, insufficient practical exposure, unattractiveness of being artisans and migration of skilled artisans among others.
However, given his sex, age, and overall unattractiveness, him having a baby or even initiating the process was about as likely as Aunt Lucy running for president.
Add to this the unattractiveness of the insurance industry to young people entering the workforce, as well as the time and cost associated with training new staff, and what should be a manageable problem becomes a major headache.