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Adj.1.unbaptised - not having undergone the Christian ritual of baptismunbaptised - not having undergone the Christian ritual of baptism
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Others say fairies were the ghosts of suicides or the unchristian and unbaptised dead.
Recently, when Thampu organised a get-together at his house in Thiruvanthapuram on the occasion of Agnivesh's visit to Kerala, the parish priest of the church which Thampu attends asked his "sheep" not to pollute their mind by listening to an unbaptised preacher.
Whereas in his Divine Comedy, the Italian poet Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) strove to embrace orthodoxy even as he was castigating such members of the clergy (even popes) he considered sinful, the fact deserves attention that when he cleverly raises an objection concerning the virtuous yet unbaptised, and how it could be fair that they would be denied spiritual salvation, he does so by providing as an example the virtuous Indian who does not know Christianity, or at any rate has not adopted it.
ARCHBISHOP Chrysostomos on Wednesday vowed that no child will remain unbaptised and promised free ceremonies for all babies whose parents cannot afford it.
Funny how something can be a sin one month and not the next but, then again, weren't the faithful led a merry dance by teaching that unbaptised babies went to Limbo.
A School Admissions Bill is currently before the Oireachtas, but Mr Monahan is concerned it does not address the issue of discrimination against unbaptised children he wants amended.
Special attention is paid to accidental deaths (such as drowning or death by gunshot) and to the departed unbaptised babies.
(1.) "Frankenstein", of course, is the name of the architect of the monster; the monster himself is unbaptised.
The first concerns sources that prescribe a particular burial pattern for unbaptised infants, and the second is the actual burial patterns discernible in the archaeological record.
The unbaptised were called ladrones, to describe how 'wild' and 'untamed' they were.
It found several burials, including those of infants - perhaps unbaptised - outside the chapel walls.
consigning unbaptised babies to Limbo, andrejected the political