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1. Not having or using a seat belt: tests of unbelted dummies at various impact speeds.
2. Made or designed to be worn without a belt: She favors unbelted jackets.
3. Having no belt or having a belt that isn't buckled or tied: "wearing a midnight blue silk robe, unbelted, which swirled and flowed around her body" (Walter Kleine).
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Adj.1.unbelted - lacking a beltunbelted - lacking a belt; "unbelted jackets are in this season"
belted - having or provided with a belt; "a belted dress"
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As he had said, on a camp bed, dressed in his black doublet, booted, unbelted, with his felt hat beside him, lay the king, overcome by sleep and fatigue.
As a rule, the proprietor of Harrow House unbelted without complaint, for Bertie, as every good borrower should, had that knack of making his victim feel during the actual moment of paying over, as if he had just made a rather good investment.
Having spent a few nights with police patrols, I can report that unbelted drivers are dead easy to spot and are the first to be stopped and breathalysed.
Designers have abandoned belted magnums and gone to the sharper shoulder unbelted designs in order to get tighter control over the headspace between the cartridge and chamber.
The wide, impressive roads in Cairo have speed limits of 60kph, 80kph, but drivers here care less in observing that threshold, racing away unbelted.So just who was this man MulambaConfederation of African Football on Sunday announced that third round matches of the group stage of the Afcon will observe a minute of silence in honour of former DR Congo striker Pierre Ndaye Mulamba, who passed away on 26 January in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Illinois' seat-belt use rate is nearly 95%, but unbelted occupants disproportionately account for more than half those killed in traffic crashes.
Like the 6.5 Creedmoor, this secret cartridge utilized a 30-degree shoulder and an unbelted cartridge case with minimal taper.
Additional variables, such as age, sex, speed at impact (km/hour), side of impact, and belted versus unbelted, were also recorded from the CIREN database as covariates, as they would hypothetically influence fracture patterns and help elucidate any trends.
In the first six months, All Truck has realised a reduction in risky behaviours that has led to fewer and less-severe collisions, while addressing key factors that can affect driver health and wellbeing, including 69 percent reduction in unbelted drivers on residential roadways, 52 percent reduction in red-light traffic violations and 44 percent reduction in handheld cell phone use.
IAM RoadSmart's Freedom of Information research found that the 16 police forces that routinely use their safety cameras to seek out other offences recorded more than 8,000 unbelted drivers between them and around 1,000 with a mobile in their hand in 2016 (three police forces provided a category called "other offences" which totalled about 500 in 2016).