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 (ŭn-bĭd′n) also un·bid (-bĭd′)
Not invited, asked, or requested; unasked: unbidden guests; comments unbid and unwelcome.
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Because thou hast heark'nd to the voice of thy Wife, And eaten of the Tree concerning which I charg'd thee, saying: Thou shalt not eate thereof, Curs'd is the ground for thy sake, thou in sorrow Shalt eate thereof all the days of thy Life; Thornes also and Thistles it shall bring thee forth Unbid, and thou shalt eate th' Herb of th' Field, In the sweat of thy Face shalt thou eate Bread, Till thou return unto the ground, for thou Out of the ground wast taken, know thy Birth, For dust thou art, and shalt to dust returne.
Students dined with their respective fraternities and eating clubs, leaving the university cafeteria as a space of social tension filled with "unbid, disappointed men who want to be somewhere else" (Luo 2011, p.
They range from small bribes (one minster received an expensive watch), to patronage, bogus unbid contracts, self-distribution of bonuses and pensions, and preferential tax treatment for allies and supporters.