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Adj.1.unbordered - having no borderunbordered - having no border      
bordered - having a border especially of a specified kind; sometimes used as a combining term; "black-bordered handkerchief"
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They passed through the town and turned up the steep road, which was perfectly clear, though still unbordered by shadows.
The question facing France, and all of us shaken by this unbordered terror, is how we fight for this kind of space in our cities and ourselves.
His compulsive obsession with his physical appearance as well as his rejection of her pregnant body relates to Reeser's statement that "[Resistance to those unbordered female bodies, along with the reestablishment of the borders of the male body, has to be performed as a continual process for the male body to retain its assumed delineated status" (108).
His optic looked beyond France alone, however, and, like Marker, he may be seen as one of those filmmakers whose perspective was international, indeed marked by Resnais's perspective was marked by an unbordered attention to otherness, to dislocation, to being a stranger, to the strange, and to the uncanny.
In their rituals, the Christians were formed to be members of an unbordered, transnational Christian peoplehood (Christianitas) that weapons could not defend.
In the first part of this article we give bounds for the non-deterministic automaticity of the language of primitive words and the language of unbordered words.
Deep cleft in her ankles, she's frightened, unbordered, a taster of
The second, the Melways style, as used in that directory, depicts each street by a thin unbordered line, coloured to indicate the class of road, and the street name is written parallel to the street.
in which world territory is never a vague, dim, unbordered space but a
The buttstock and fore-end are in walnut, with checkering in an unbordered pattern at 18 lines per inch.
One can be excused if visions of omnipresence come to mind--this constellation of culprits borders on unbordered. What is apparently inexcusable, however, is the practice of focusing on the institution responsible for producing the manifestations of profiling that have generated the greatest degree of public concern.