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1. Having no boundaries or limits: unbounded space.
2. Not kept within bounds; unrestrained: unbounded enthusiasm.

un·bound′ed·ly adv.
un·bound′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.unboundedness - the quality of being infiniteunboundedness - the quality of being infinite; without bound or limit
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare


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Lin, Birational unboundedness of Q-Fano threefolds, Int.
mere fact of his unboundedness, be an exemplary animal, is perplexingly
Their sedentary experiences contrast starkly with the perceptions of nomadic unboundedness and limitless opportunities of those living in (upper-)middle-class settings.
Unboundedness is guaranteed, in his model, by the fact that C(hl) is marked as + dedicated, comprising Merge and Agree (a claim shared by Hauser, Chomsky & Fitch, 2002 for Merge, an article that is now considered almost a locus classicus by MGG).
Specific topics covered include the emergence of unboundedness of metric operators, functional analytic and algebraic methods for non-selfadjoint operators and the use of Krein space theory.
to confront the unboundedness of the text is undoubtedly thrilling, if
Whether it connotes a sense of alienation from the human or a sense of bodily freedom and unboundedness, this willing taking-on of animal form casts the fixity of identity as an inhibition of creativity.
Virtuality, unboundedness, and diversity of participants engaged are the components that make e-commerce distinct.
This in turn has ethical consequences, presumably because boundedness is idealist, ideological, and also no doubt masculinist, and because unboundedness opens us to the experience of our profound "exposure to others," bound up, so to speak, in our "exposure to technics" (137).
The planetary urbanization discourse, in fact, could be rendered more cosmopolitan, and its political horizons widened, through more substantive dialogue with existing urban research traditions that have long been aware of the unboundedness and geographically uneven development of urbanization processes.
In her introduction, McLean argues that for many in Ireland the National Gallery was for a long time 'one of the few secular spaces where art could be seen in Ireland', and in many of the more autobiographical encounters recorded here the gallery represents those things that art always has: freedom, unboundedness, vitality.
In general, due to the unboundedness aspect of the control operator B this solution does not exist with values in the domain of B.