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1. Having no boundaries or limits: unbounded space.
2. Not kept within bounds; unrestrained: unbounded enthusiasm.

un·bound′ed·ly adv.
un·bound′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.unboundedness - the quality of being infiniteunboundedness - the quality of being infinite; without bound or limit
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
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IT'S THE GAME'S unboundedness that has seduced millions of people--children, teenagers, and adults--to sit around tables and essentially take part in highly codified games of make-believe.
It is well known that, dealing with system (1), one has to face different kinds of difficulties, which are related to the potential and to the unboundedness of the space [R.sup.3].
Existence of Boundedness and Unboundedness Solutions.
Lin, Birational unboundedness of Q-Fano threefolds, Int.
Therefore, [x.sup.[dagger]] = [K.sup.[dagger]]y with y [member of] Dom([K.sup.[dagger]]) cannot be approximated by [K.sup.[dagger]] [y.sup.[delta]] due to the unboundedness of [K.sup.[dagger]] and hence, in practice the problem (1.1) is approximated by a family {[R.sub.[alpha]]} of neighboring well-posed problems [7], where [R.sub.[alpha]] should be continuous for every [alpha] and [R.sub.[alpha]] [right arrow] [K.sup.[dagger]] pointwise for [alpha] [right arrow] 0.
mere fact of his unboundedness, be an exemplary animal, is perplexingly
Even academic studies of pastoralism in Africa stress the 'unboundedness' of these societies.
Their sedentary experiences contrast starkly with the perceptions of nomadic unboundedness and limitless opportunities of those living in (upper-)middle-class settings.
To eliminate the probable effect of unboundedness of [[xi].sub.k] and establish the global convergence of our proposed method, we proposed the following strategy in constructing the search direction:
Unboundedness is guaranteed, in his model, by the fact that C(hl) is marked as + dedicated, comprising Merge and Agree (a claim shared by Hauser, Chomsky & Fitch, 2002 for Merge, an article that is now considered almost a locus classicus by MGG).
Specific topics covered include the emergence of unboundedness of metric operators, functional analytic and algebraic methods for non-selfadjoint operators and the use of Krein space theory.