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tr.v. un·braced, un·brac·ing, un·brac·es
1. To set free by removing bands or braces.
2. To release from tension; relax.
3. To make slack; weaken.
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Adj.1.unbraced - without braces or propsunbraced - without braces or props    
unsupported - not held up or borne; "removal of the central post left the roof unsupported"
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As every person called up made exactly the same appearance he had done in the world, it gave me melancholy reflections to observe how much the race of human kind was degenerated among us within these hundred years past; how the pox, under all its consequences and denominations had altered every lineament of an English countenance; shortened the size of bodies, unbraced the nerves, relaxed the sinews and muscles, introduced a sallow complexion, and rendered the flesh loose and rancid.
He was in his library (I mean Doctor Strong was), with his clothes not particularly well brushed, and his hair not particularly well combed; his knee-smalls unbraced; his long black gaiters unbuttoned; and his shoes yawning like two caverns on the hearth-rug.
(57) Bragging about his murderous accomplishments, his unbraced and gore-smeared appearance is intentional.
The resulting mezzanine can be braced or unbraced and all methods of construction are supported.
EBB grants are available for houses built before 1979 that include a crawl space with unbraced cripple walls, low walls between the foundation and first floor, and are not bolted to the foundation.
If the opening is small compared to the unbraced surface area of the structure free to deform out-of-plane, then the change in stiffness can be considered negligible (here, the definition of "small" is highly subjective upon the allowable change in dynamic response).
They can also reduce strain on the ACL for internal torques applied to the tibia up to 9 Nm in a non-weight-bearing condition when compared to an unbraced knee, but did not reduce strain values on the ACL when the knee was subjected to external torques (9 Nm) or varus-valgus moments (10 Nm) in weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing conditions (6,7).
So they will be unprepared, unbraced, when you go in sharp and sudden to get'em.
The correspondent [mu]-isolines of the foil beam's critical manifold, when [c.sub.b] = 0, are displayed in Figure 5, for the unbraced beam (continuous black curves), for case study I (dashed black curves) and for case study II (continuous gray curves), respectively.
Later, they presented the results concerning the elastic in-plane stability and second-order behavior of unbraced single-bay pitched-roof steel frames and proposed a methodology to design this type of commonly used structure.
Caption: Figure 4: Unbraced steel portal frame with semirigid connections [21].