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1. Not instructed; untaught.
2. Not yet bred: an unbred mare.
3. Obsolete Ill-bred; impolite.


1. a less common word for ill-bred
2. not taught or instructed
3. obsolete not born



1. not taught or trained.
2. not mated, as a stock animal.
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This is weeks after what deer hunters have commonly called "The Second Rut," when the unbred does from the primary rut get bred.
Actually, Interest in scrapes picks up during the post rut because unbred does and female fawns come into estrus and advertise that fact at the scrapes.
Most, but not all, of the unbred does will mate a month later, during peak rut.
Coming out of the peak breeding season, bucks are shell-shocked that they are losing gals right and left and this puts them back in search mode, as they don't want to give up the search for other unbred does in their area.
The normal breeding cycle will see unbred hens flocked together.
Geldings and unbred females make good guardians against coyotes and dogs, but not against cougars, mountain lions or bears.
Histopathology of Staphylococcal Mastitis in Unbred Dairy Heifers.
So common-cladded, and their poor looking skins, and unbred feet and legs, and the whole make of them.
2002 we captured and radiocollared an unbred adult female pronghorn (P1704) in Harding Count),, South Dakota, as part of a long-term research project that evaluated survival and seasonal movements of pronghorns in western South Dakota (Jacques, 2007).