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That kept us a little longer suspended and unbruised. "I'll tell you everything," Miles said--"I mean I'll tell you anything you like.
as one by one the men and their unbruised bodies reported out
This is not the way he would have wanted his leadership to end, and the events of yesterday are a reminder that few people who enter politics leave the arena unbruised.
Starting from sexual abuse to corporal punishments or molestation at the hands of teachers or the preacher in a school or a Madrassa, in coming times very few might be left unbruised.
Britain and the United States will not be left unbruised. The European Union will involve itself closely with Scotland and Northern Ireland during the Brexit process.
His face was unbruised. "Walter didn't look like he was in top physical shape, but he could handle himself," Rodney Scott told me.
The Prologue to Troilus and Cressida comments: "Now on Dardan plains / The fresh and yet unbruised Greeks do pitch / Their brave pavilions" (13-15).
Roads come next, particularly farm-to-market roads, which are essential to bringing farm products to the market, fresh and unbruised. Let's have smooth, paved roads to link our farms to the markets.
Dear One speak to me tell me your last thoughts tell me that you did not feel the bullet piercing your flesh that the pain did not invade the unbruised parts of your young body.
Luckily - in another victory for the cold compress - my eyes have remained as sparkly and unbruised as ever.
Unbruised. And as the story goes, she later smiled cheesily with Taylor for a photo- op.
He is thus in the crosshairs of a great challenge by these two opponents, with not much of a cushion to get out of the crisis unbruised and unharmed, and unhelpfully with a populace largely alienated with him.