Not capable of being budged; inflexible or unyielding.


not able to be budged or moved; immovable


(ʌnˈbʌdʒ ə bəl)

incapable of being budged or changed; inflexible: an unbudgeable opinion.
un•budge`a•bil′i•ty, un•budge′a•ble•ness, n.
un•budge′a•bly, adv.
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To everyone's astonishment Campbell, a confirmed and unbudgeable Labour supporter and an EU Remainer, said he would.
These experiences bespeak of a blind cultural mindset which is unbudgeable.
I'm unbudgeable." But William said his decision had been a "long time coming".
As John, bass-baritone Mark Schnaible was a reserved but unbudgeable foil for Salome, and in the opera's central scene of seduction and ascetic resistance, Schnaible delivered the celibate's piety and religious indignation without melodrama, giving Hundeling a wall upon which to project her psychological and vocal volatility.
Carwyn Jones' assertion that he will have no truck with income tax varying powers unless the Barnett Formula is replaced by a mechanism fairer to Wales could be a negotiating ploy, or it could be a point of unbudgeable principle.
Her calm seriousness, a sense of unbudgeable inner gravity, could be beautifully unsettling." (37) Despite all of this, the tendency of both Almereyda and Hawke, who ignore Ophelia--as well as critics writing about the film, who focus on Hamlet, on the film's use of technology, or on more broadly generational concerns while scarcely acknowledging Ophelia-demonstrates the ways in which the character fades into the background, emerging through the performance signs of Stiles's star-text.
In conclusion, that that which seems unbudgeable in Western thought, anti-essentialism in this case, gets budged off center stage is the price to pay for Celebrating the Other (Sampson, 1993) or for culture-focusing to gain multicultural competence (Azibo, 2003).
"I think we pundits convinced ourselves that 'Avatar' might win, but in reality there's a science-fiction bias in the Academy, and it's pretty unbudgeable," he says.
The term well describes The Book of Urizen's metonymic, accumulative narrative procedure, whereby one portion of Eternity--an intangible, conspiratorial "shadow of horror" (BU 3:1; E 70)--progressively substitutes itself for the whole, and finally consolidates into the seemingly unbudgeable lord and master of social reality.
(49.) Haack speaks of "impartiality," meaning "that you have no unbudgeable preconceptions, that you [are] willing to check out all the evidence and will change your initial judgment if the evidence turns out against it." Haack, supra note 11, at 170.
Einstein wrote, "Thank God there is no risk involved for either of you." Twenty years later, Born announced his intention of returning to Germany--a decision that he recognized Einstein regarded "with a certain amount of suspicion." Einstein was stubborn ("unbudgeable" C.