Not built or built on: unbuilt houses; unbuilt land.
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In the meantime the fire remained unbuilt, the camp half pitched, and the dogs unfed.
So much was closing in about the women who sat knitting, knitting, that they their very selves were closing in around a structure yet unbuilt, where they were to sit knitting, knitting, counting dropping heads.
Space X said contracts were awarded for three "unbuilt, unflown" rocket systems that would not be ready to fly under the government's timeline, "defeating the very objectives" outlined by the Air Force's programme.
"Landscapes and the Unbuilt" will reflect artist interactions with land and natural places and will feature a diverse group of artists who span multiple generations and artistic mediums brought together by a common interest in the landscape and the environment.
Then, from earnings exceeding PS350,000 on top of an MP's PS77,000 salary, Boris, right, can refund the cost of his useless water cannon, unbuilt garden bridge and airport, fancy buses, plus his rotten deal gifting the Taxpayers' Stadium to West Ham's Tory owners.
The transfer of licenses for several unbuilt and up-and-running facilities heated up on Friday (10/19) with the sale of an FM translator in Kalispell, Mont., to Educational Media Foundation.
Palisades had challenged the Town's assessments of unbuilt condominium parcels for the years 2013-15.
The post Saudi king arrives in $500B still unbuilt mega city for holiday appeared first on tahawultech.com.
The Penang state government is prepared to study a proposal to replace the unbuilt undersea tunnel with a bridge, said Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow.