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(ʌnˈbʌn dld)

(of related products or services) sold separately rather than as a package.
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Overall, given the changing industry conditions and the necessity to compromise, at the end of the long struggle, the view seems to have prevailed that the potential negative effects of higher prices for unbundled access, and possibly retail services, pale compared to the benefits from stronger investment incentives, the long-term benefits of more robust facilities-based competition, and increased regulatory certainty.
Saying it was beyond their scope to write it, a special committee is recommending to the Supreme Court that it direct the appropriate rules committee to draft a rule allowing unbundled legal services, including representation in court.
The policy, signed in May, requires all oil companies to report their "unbundled price adjustments," including import costs, tax burdens, biofuel costs, oil company take components, and other essential cost components that contribute to the changes in retail prices.
Therefore, the Bayan Muna officials said it was absurd for the DOE to hide the oil companies' unbundled data from the public.
'The power to direct oil firms to submit unbundled prices to the DOE appears to be allowed under the law, in which the secretary has the power to require, by general or special orders, persons and entities engaged in a particular activity of the industry to file an annual or special report, or both in such form as the secretary may prescribe,' said Senate Energy Committee head Sherwin Gatchalian, who added that 'this appears to be the first time that the DOE will require an unbundling of oil prices.'
Since the nineteenth century, a reduction in trade costs due to the introduction of steam ships, railways, and other modes of transportation has made goods easier to move, and production as well as consumption have been unbundled across national borders, i.e., "the first unbundling".
KP govt was seeking transmission and distribution to be housed under one setup and wants CEO and board level representation of it once the companies are unbundled.
Between 1996 and 2009, 85 percent of the coal-based generation capacity owned by state governments was unbundled from vertically-integrated State Electricity Boards (SEBs) into newly created state generation companies.
The bill proposes that the power company, though unbundled into to entities -- one responsible for distribution and transmission, the other for production and supply -- would remain in state hands, which has received the nod of approval from the island's international lenders.
unbundled network elements available to competitors at regulated rates.