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Instead of full-on representation, the legal coach or unbundler helps guide the pro se litigant through the legal process.
EXHIBIT 2 Cutting the wires Hardwired business Loosely coupled processes business processes Roles * Controller * Orchestrator * All-purpose operator * Increasingly specialized operator * Bundler * Unbundler Rules * Management of micro- * Management of micro- activities entities * Instructions (push) * Incentives (pull) * Full information * Selective information transparency visibility Renewal * Infrequent benchmarking * Continuous benchmarking * Periodic reengineering * Dynamic reconfiguring * Based on effects * Based on increasing returns of experience from network expansion, specialization
Resource owners attempt to keep property fights from being removed from their bundle without acceptable compensation, while interest groups attempt to use the government as an unbundler, or re-arranger of the bundles.
an unbundler and repackager - taking information and education from a variety of outside providers and reassembling it for use by members;
The unbundler is a creative person who divides the procedure into parts and initiates a code for each part so that he can generate a charge for each component part.
Hilbrecht received no help from fervent ownership unbundler Turmes.
Investments were meant to take place at stepwise levels of access: first by firms at the resale level, then at the bitstream access level, and finally by local loop unbundlers.
Large unbundlers such as Carphone Warehouse and pay-TV firm BSkyB have even announced plans to offer broadband free of cost to customers signing up for their phone or TV offerings.
The technical and economic obstacles for potential unbundlers to overcome are very high.
This suggests that cable operators can have a first mover cost advantage if they deploy their networks before the incumbent telephone operator or the unbundlers.