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1. Not confined in a cage: uncaged birds.
2. Released from a cage: an uncaged lion in the arena.


at liberty



1. not confined in a cage.
2. free or set free from confinement or restraint.
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The exhibit will include the works of Fulton Washington and Words Uncaged curated by Dr Roy Bidran.
The captivating portraits with their distinctive backgrounds feature a dramatic bird motif, clearly indicating the desire to of the female protagonists be uncaged and fly free.
But Hainer said sports performance was growing just as strongly as fashion in the key US market, particularly in running and football, with US shoppers buying over 16,000 pairs of $180 UltraBoost Uncaged sneakers in 24 hours.
Speaking of Olympics, adidas says its UltraBOOST Uncaged is one of the best running shoes it has ever created.
Heavily influenced by the likes of God of War and Devil May Cry, there is an Uncaged version which is delightfully gory - if you like that sort of thing.
Similarly, there are many reports that it's illegal to drive with an uncaged bear in Missouri.
The apes are part of a colony of former research lab captives enjoying retirement uncaged on an atoll deep in the jungle of southern Liberia, known as Monkey Island.
20%) as compared to male uncaged or domesticated chickens as seen in Table II.
But forensic psychologist Zoib Khan has conducted a pioneering study which he claims proves that Xbox 360 games such as Fighters Uncaged can improve fitness levels and wellbeing.
Free-Range Free-range hens live uncaged inside barns with
As Cydia creator Jay Freeman has declared in series of tweets - the Evasi0n before is very different from what has just been uncaged.