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1. Not confined in a cage: uncaged birds.
2. Released from a cage: an uncaged lion in the arena.


at liberty



1. not confined in a cage.
2. free or set free from confinement or restraint.
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Mary DeMuth is a sought-after speaker and longtime blogger, she has overcome (through Jesus's healing) a difficult childhood full of neglect, abuse, and familial dysfunction to become a living example of what it means to live uncaged.
Similarly, there are many reports that it's illegal to drive with an uncaged bear in Missouri.
Also today, Unchained Labs UNcaged the pUNk, the world's smallest, fastest and easiest to use protein sizing system.
USDA Organic: Hens must be uncaged and have outdoor access (how much isn't specified).
But forensic psychologist Zoib Khan has conducted a pioneering study which he claims proves that Xbox 360 games such as Fighters Uncaged can improve fitness levels and wellbeing.
3]) located atop polyvinyl chloride (pvc) frames, in above ground tanks, or in portions of uncaged infestations within floating pvc frames that enclosed 1 [m.
Tom, whose McFly-inspired wedding speech video has almost 12 million hits on YouTube, added: "James and Matt are going to be like animals uncaged for the first time in 10 years.
A MUM has been jailed for child neglect after bringing up her four-year-old son in appalling squalor at a home with 20 uncaged ferrets.
He also produces live shows such as Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People, The Book Club and Uncaged Monkeys.
He asked me to do science songs on the Uncaged Monkey tour with Brian Cox, Tim Minchin and other big science names.
As Cydia creator Jay Freeman has declared in series of tweets - the Evasi0n before is very different from what has just been uncaged.
It didn't take long for the lead to double, as Sam Wooding - having not featured in the opening half - was left uncaged in the seniors' 25, and comfortably beat Harris in a oneon-one contest.