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(ɪnˈkeɪ pə bəl)

1. not having the necessary ability, qualification, or strength to perform some specified act or function.
2. lacking ordinary capability.
3. legally unqualified.
[1585–95; < Late Latin]
in•ca`pa•bil′i•ty, in•ca′pa•ble•ness, n.
in•ca′pa•bly, adv.
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* Inquilines: insects that cohabit galls induced by other insects, feeding on the gall tissues, but uncapable of inducing their own galls.
strength, which the Muscles of a man seem utterly uncapable of, by
Possibly, this astonished wakening was not complete, as the Second World War was already launched, followed by a totalitarian regime not interested at all in recognizing the actions of Lucian Blaga, and wholly uncapable of experiencing astounded wakening.
Into the brook she fell And for a while her clothes, spread wide abroad, Bore the young lady up and there she sat Smiling even mermaid-like 'twixt heaven and earth, Chanting old sundry tunes uncapable, As it were, of her distress.
The 3rd child, in any case, was uncapable to be seen.
Although K-means algorithm may be deemed as the most important flat clustering algorithm due to its simplicity, it has serveral drawbacks, such as uncapable to deal with non-spherical data.