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Adj.1.uncarbonated - not having carbonationuncarbonated - not having carbonation    
noneffervescent - not effervescent
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"This is a well-known industry wide issue, which occurs in very rare instances in uncarbonated soft drinks containing fruit juice.
"But c-stores can offer eight varieties of FCBs [frozen carbonated beverages] and four more of FUBs [frozen uncarbonated beverages].
In such cases the rebound numbers can be up to 50% higher than those obtained on an uncarbonated concrete surface.
It sold more of such uncarbonated drinks in North America for three months ended June 28, but not enough to offset the decline in sodas.
This was usually prescribed as 1/2 to 1 ounce of the syrup in plain uncarbonated water.
In New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposes clearing store shelves of perhaps their most useless product, the food-like entity we know as soda or pop and its uncarbonated variants.
Regular soft drinks are still king in the beverage department, especially if you add "fruit drinks" (which are largely uncarbonated soda).
It's uncarbonated and meant to be savored in a 2-ounce pour from a snifter.
Aspen Beverage Group is a coffee roaster and producer of coffee concentrates, frozen carbonated and uncarbonated beverages and powdered smoothie mixes.
And Oregon's 33-year-old Bottle Bill - the legislation that oversees redemption - doesn't include uncarbonated beverages, which have grown over the years.