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Adj.1.uncategorised - not categorized or sorteduncategorised - not categorized or sorted    
unclassified - not arranged in any specific grouping
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He had 50 seconds by the foot of the descent, and stayed away over the uncategorised Mont Bernon and the eight per cent gradients of the finish line to win by 26 seconds from Michael Matthews.
Other creditors whose debts have been verified are banks (Sh12.8 billion), KRA (Sh1.3 billion), staff (Sh1.1 billion) and an uncategorised group (Sh1 billion).
Uncategorised patients were defined as 'uncertain pathology' in the case of a normal WCC, but abnormal chemistry and no history of antibiotics prior to LP.
A further 102,000 images were found: these were uncategorised but officers believed they included indecent images of children due to search terms in the browsing history.
And Froome believes tomorrow's brutal stage from Nantua to Chambery - including four uncategorised climbs - will sort out the wheat from the chaff, not to mention the lumps in his porridge.
Today's run from Dole to Station des Rousses includes a gruelling eightmile ascent near the finish while Mont du Chat is one of three uncategorised climbs - the toughest on Tour - tomorrow.
unacceptable confusion would ensue if the Act recognised more than two categories of sex or an 'uncategorised' sex should be rejected.
Five moved into the expert category two from the fraction rule category and three previously uncategorised. Thirteen of the fifteen students retained their fraction rule misconception.
Psychic healing was commonly resorted to for uncategorised mental/emotional discomfort or non-psychiatric states such as 'stuck energy' (one's own), or stale energy lingering around' (someone else's).
Later on, X-bar rules (Chomsky 1970, Stowell 1981) divorced the structure entirely from the category label, and following the same essential philosophy Distributed Morphology (Halle & Marantz 1993) has treated lexical categories as distinct sets of functional features, with what is common among similar words depending on the properties of an uncategorised root (Marantz 1997).
Category C or D vehicles are naturally cheaper than an uncategorised vehicle and this can be very attractive to a buyer.