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Adj.1.uncaulked - not caulked or sealeduncaulked - not caulked or sealed    
caulked - having cracks and crevices stopped up with a filler
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The bottom needs to be uncaulked to allow any condensation in the winter and rain accumulation through the screens in the other seasons to drain out.
Later, "His father gone, / Bledsoe saw how the tiles uncaulked. Walls / gave way to stud and ragged pine, / plumbing spilling its rusty bones." As the bodies of his sick parents pale and thin, so does the frame of their shelters.
Money was basically shoveled out, "creating opportunities for the well-connected and the in-the-know" while "millions of dollars have gone out the window, wasted like heat leaking out of an uncaulked pane," Cullen concludes.