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Existing without a perceptible cause; spontaneous.
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rare not brought into existence by any cause; spontaneous or natural
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without an antecedent cause.
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Adj.1.uncaused - having no cause or apparent causeuncaused - having no cause or apparent cause; "a causeless miracle"; "fortuitous encounters--strange accidents of fortune"; "we cannot regard artistic invention as...uncaused and unrelated to the times"
unintended - not deliberate
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Barr points out that the role of randomness in evolution does not, in fact, mean that it is unplanned, uncaused, unguided, or inexplicable, but only uncorrelated, noting that
In other words, it's no longer correct to say weather events are "uncaused or unpreventable by human activity."
Epicurus, one of the great ancient atomists, speculated that atoms moved in straight lines as Democritus had imagined, except for the clinamen or small irregular and spontaneous (uncaused) departures.
The notion of cause as the privileged object of knowledge--the idea that our task is to dig down deeper and deeper until we finally arrive at an epistemological bedrock, the causa sui or uncaused cause--is itself an artifact of Western modernity.
Shihadeh rightly notes that the argument in Isharat only shows that a series of simultaneous, not of temporally ordered causes must terminate in an uncaused cause.
Pneumothorax is the medical term for a collapsed lung; the seemingly uncaused variety is assigned the descriptor "spontaneous." Sufferers of spontaneous pneumothorax fall into two classifications: primary, the absence of known lung disease; and secondary, the result of serious diseases such as tuberculosis, Marfan Syndrome, lung cancer, or cystic fibrosis.
One can further argue that if the existence of the universe and the laws of nature is derived from and depends upon the creative intelligence of an uncaused Creator, rather than being derived from a divine watchmaker or nothingness, it is not contrary to nor beyond reason to expect that human history might well include communications from that intelligent Creator or uncaused First Cause to created rational beings--communications that themselves may go beyond or even be contrary to the laws of nature.
Since Nigeria is not the Pope's Holy See where the latter thought can be allowed to gain currency, it is more likely that, as they say in philosophical arguments for the existence of God, an Uncaused Causer is at play.
Items related to memory and attention, as well as to uncaused emotional reactions, loaded onto the second factor.
Sartre's conception of appearance seems to be uncaused. It is not under causality.
(23) By tracing all effects back to an all-encompassing uncaused cause, substance, or necessary being, Spinoza reduces all particular things to what he calls modifications or 'modes' of the general 'attributes' of substance's essence.