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1. Without the due formalities; abrupt: an unceremonious departure.
2. Not ceremonious; informal: made an unceremonious presentation.

un·cer′e·mo′ni·ous·ly adv.
un·cer′e·mo′ni·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.unceremoniousness - an unceremonial mannerunceremoniousness - an unceremonial manner    
informality - a manner that does not take forms and ceremonies seriously
ceremoniousness - a ceremonial manner


Freedom from constraint, formality, embarrassment, or awkwardness:
References in classic literature ?
It did assist; for though he began with grave looks and short questions, he was soon led on to talk of them all in the usual way, and to take the child out of her arms with all the unceremoniousness of perfect amity.
Knightley and Emma have always been friends: he takes the child out of her arms "with all the unceremoniousness of perfect amity" (98).
Generalising on the use of the remaining forms of address in the analysed plays by Shakespeare, it might be said that address by the common names denoting people, by the names of family relations and the names of positions or professions imply as a rule unceremoniousness and the closeness of relations, especially that the latter group of names are used from the superior to the inferior.