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adj. un·chast·er, un·chast·est
Not chaste.

un·chaste′ly adv.
un·chas′ti·ty (-chăs′tĭ-tē) n.


in an unchaste manner
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Backed by her dominant position of blood and her contestatory position of mercantilist or works-based virtue, Dorotea takes critical aim at the conservative discourses of lineage and chastity when she asserts that it is mostly her lack of nobility that has contributed to her disgrace and her necessity to become unchastely mobile (in terms of class, geography, and gender).
Cases of crimes which cannot be required by the victim are outraging the modesty of respectable women, highway robbery, and false imputation of unchastely, and for these the Hadd punishments were halved.
To put her on the spot, Angelo states her contradiction as a hypothetical alternative: either Claudio is to be executed, or, to save him, she is to live as unchastely as he has done.