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Adj.1.unchristlike - not becoming to or like a Christianunchristlike - not becoming to or like a Christian; "ashamed to have to recognize how unchristianly his assumptions and motives are"
unchristian - not of a Christian faith
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We lamented the prevalence of abuses perpetrated in the name of Christ--such as extreme forms of prosperity teachings and the unchristlike lives and behavior of some celebrity leaders.
If a historically white Protestant congregation is extending the hand of missional outreach to African-American and Latino/a neighbors who have been wounded by the white church's past or present racism or its support for unjust policies, then its proclamation of the gospel may be most appropriate if it comes as an act of repentance, a stance that communicates that "We have acted in a most unChristlike way and have wounded you deeply.
Deep inside, the thinking Christian knows Nietzsche is right to say that ressentiment is unChristlike.