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Not belonging to or participating in a church.
(used with a pl. verb) People who do not belong to or participate in a church considered as a group. Used with the.
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not affiliated with any church.
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The sermon is directed to those who have attended the "funeral church" because they usually are unchurched. Many clergy take this opportunity to evangelise and make an altar call.
He and Marge plan to be fully involved at FUMC and look forward to getting to know others in the religious community, as well as unchurched people.
Combined with this problem is the discipleship deficit, the difficult truth that most evangelicals are not reaching the unchurched at the rates they think they are.
First is to 'give them space to grieve and let them feel the support of the community.' Most of the poor, among them the majority of EJK families, said the bishop, belong to the 'unchurched,' folks who for many reasons hardly set foot in a church and don't have the
In "The Parabola of Discipleship for the churched and unchurched" he presents a very interesting account of a discipleship program run through the homeless ministry of a Chicago church.
Looks like I'm just another unchurched, aging animal "wannabe" without talent heading for a grave.
In a statement to the Church of England's Consistory Court, which is responsible for approving applications, it said there was a need to "reach the marginalised and the unchurched" and there's a desire to be "more attractive" to younger families.
Hip-Hop Church will reach out to the urban community, to the unchurched and de-churched; further exemplifying Jesus's consistently intentional acts of seeking reaching out and connecting to those who have traditionally been both economically and spiritually marginalized.
Sure, becoming a grandmother is a recognition of aging and an opportunity to be loving, but how do you grandmother in today's world of Facebook and Twitter, occasional yearly visits from kids, divorced couples, unchurched youth and diverse family life?
TheNew America coalitionthat came to power in 2008 with Obama -- minorities, working women, gays, immigrants, young people, educated professionals and the unchurched -- has continued to grow in size and confidence.
The single fact of adult baptism cannot be sufficient ground to claim that church plants are more effective at reaching the unchurched than older churches.
"In 10 years I have never had a Sunday without at least one person there who openly says they're not a Christian," said Templer, who retired from ministry a few years ago, passing on the reins of a congregation made up mostly of unchurched twentysomethings.