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Not belonging to or participating in a church.
(used with a pl. verb) People who do not belong to or participate in a church considered as a group. Used with the.



not affiliated with any church.
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Research conducted by MultiSite Solutions in 2017 shows that within a 10-minute radius of the new church location in Downers Grove there are approximately 250,000 unchurched people.
com)-- Over the last several years, Colorado has consistently ranked as one of the least religious, most unchurched states in the country, and young adults are the most unchurched of them all, but a new initiative at Denver Seminary aims to change that.
The single fact of adult baptism cannot be sufficient ground to claim that church plants are more effective at reaching the unchurched than older churches.
But "None" is not as simple an answer as it may seem: A None could be an Unchurched Believer, a Spiritual Seeker, a Philosophical Secularist, or Indifferent.
CHURCHLESS: UNDERSTANDING TODAY'S UNCHURCHED AND HOW TO CONNECT WITH THEM examines what causes people to stay away from church, what makes them feel engaged, and how churchless people have different reasons for not going than in the past.
We have tried many things over the past two to three years to entice the unchurched to enter our doors: a series of midweek discussions (with multimedia and food) in the church hall on such questions as "Why do bad things happen to good people?
They might question what one brief, poorly understood marking with ashes might mean for unchurched people.
A prayer for our future pope: "Give us, oh Lord, a leader who will unite your Church and lead her into deeper dialogue with Mother Earth and with the modern world, especially with the youth, the unchurched, the poor and marginalized, and those of different faiths and religions.
W]e were taught that pastors need to get out of their congregations, which are full of people who go to church, and be visibly active in the community to meet the unchurched.
It was founded in 1975 by Bill Hybels, who marketed not to existing Christians but to the vast numbers of the unchurched (now 16 percent of the population according to the recent PEW study).
To the average unchurched American he might appear as a dangerous buffoon, claiming to have healed a 700 Club viewer's back spasms through prayer or inciting fight-wing fears of homosexual agendas.
Previous to arrival in US, their ethnicity was their religion; after arrival, their religion was their ethnicity (many unchurched people joined churches to hold on to ethnicity; modern Korean immigrants do too).