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(Pathology) the condition of being infested with hookworms; hookworm disease
[C20: via New Latin Uncināria, from Late Latin uncīnus a hook, from Latin uncus]
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1. any intestinal bloodsucking nematode worm with hooks around the mouth, belonging to the superfamily Ancylostomatoidea and parasitic in humans and other animals.
2. a disease caused by hookworms, causing abdominal pain and, if untreated, severe anemia.
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King reported to the Surgeon General that of 5,500 cases of anemia examined, all but ten were due to uncinariasis (hookworm) (52).
The differential diagnosis includes other parasites (uncinariasis, gnathostomiasis, strongyloidiasis, myiasis), dermatophytosis, phytophotodermatitis, erythema chronicum migrans, granuloma annulare, and bullous impetigo.
They looked for evidence of parasitic "Oriental diseases" such as uncinariasis (hookworm), filariasis (round worm), and clonorchiasis (liver fluke), which were all grounds for expulsion if untreated after arrival.
Por la magnitud de la anemia, le indican videocapsula endoscopica, a partir de la cual se documenta uncinariasis, que se considero la causa de anemia.
In yet another example of how printed media painted a negative picture of Puerto Ricans, several West coast newspapers blamed them for the spread of hookworm disease (uncinariasis) in the San Francisco Bay area.
En este sentido desempenaron un papel muy importante las recomendaciones del Gobierno de los Estados Unidos, a traves de la Fundacion Rockefeller, para implementar campanas como el control de la uncinariasis en la zona cafetera.